Scan your wristband and bring your LEGO to life

Download your Smiley - Grin LEGO House memories here

The magical wristband

In LEGO® House, physical and digital play blend together as you scan your magic wristband.

The wristband can be used to bring the LEGO bricks to life and take the game into the digital world. Scan your LEGO fish and release it in the giant digital aquarium. Scan your minifigure and smack it on the front of a magazine. Create your own LEGO stop motion video, which can be this year's new movie hit. And remember to take lots of selfies with all your builds.

Download your LEGO House memories here.

Turn your day into a video

When the day in LEGO® House comes to an end, a unique and personalized video with all your memories of the day will magically be created. You can quickly and easily share it with your friends, family and on social media to show others how awesome a play date you had.

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How to download the LEGO House app

The LEGO® House app

With the LEGO® House app, you can begin your experience even before your visit. You can explore the house and help the minifigures find their way to LEGO House. Unlock the various spaces and see who lives where.

You can also find all the memories from your day in the LEGO House app.

Download the LEGO House app on App Store og Google Play.

The digital wristband gives you admission to extra play experiences and memories.

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