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A play date with the team

When you and your colleagues have a day in LEGO® House, you will experience creativity and play, when you arrive until you leave. Therefore we recommend that all meetings start with a little playful inspirational session. A Play Hero helps you get started, and gives tips on how play and learning can easily become an integrated part of your day.

We'll find an exciting room for you, and of course you'll also get some delicious food along the way. But the play won't stop here. Anyone attending a meeting in LEGO House, will also have access to the Experience Zones.

If there is only room for a little creativity and inspiration on your agenda, you can choose to stop the play here. But if you want to make use of the facilities at LEGO House, you must choose at least one play activity to get the ultimate play date with the team.

Prices start from DKK 769

Contact us for further info:
Mail: groups@LEGOHouse.com
Tel: +45 2677 6380

Meet the LEGO House Play Agents.

Play Agents

If you want a good day, it's important to have a good start. And our Play Agents makes certain you do so. They will welcome you when you arrive. It is also a Play Agent that will help you through the Play and Learning workshops (if you choose so) and they will host the tours.

Meet the LEGO House Play Agents.

Play and learning

We offer three different workshops, all based on the functionality of the LEGO bricks. We recommend that all meetings start with ½ hour of Play Starter activity to ensure that the meeting starts well. In addition, we offer various activities of 1-4 hours duration, where our Play Heroes will set you a number of tasks that need to be solved as a team. They help to focus on each other's differences and make collaboration at home to run smooth.

Experience learning through play in LEGO House.


"Astra - the national science center, highly recommends holding a conference in LEGO House. LEGO House, with its friendly and competent staff, helps to put a clear focus in an informal setting. The facilities are new and bright and suitable for both group work as well as plenary presentations. The catering was playful, and the fact that we had to build our own dinner together with a playful universe in the house itself helped to emphasize that play, science and learning are closely related - even for adults. "

Meeting rooms in LEGO House.

Meeting rooms

In LEGO House there is room and space to unfold both creativity and the heaviest Power Point presentation. The meeting rooms are arranged so they can be scaled and adapted to your specific needs. Here you do not have to shout to the person next to you, because the acoustics are fine, but you are always welcome to shout after our Play Agents, who'll gladly help to control all the technical equipment in the room.


We all know that the most important thing during a meeting day is to get refueled with delicious food and beverages. When choosing a meeting in LEGO House, you don't have to think about food or drinks, we will provide it ALL DAY so you can stay in the play.

Catering for your meeting in LEGO House.

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