Seminar in Service & Hospitality

How to deliver a world-class guest experience.

In LEGO® House great service and hospitality are key for our guest experience. When you search for online reviews of LEGO House 5 star ratings pop up all over the place. There is no doubt, that the relation between guests and employees drives the rating from GOOD to GREAT. 

Every day since opening in 2017 LEGO House Play Agents have given great and memorable experiences continuously leading to a world-class NPS score. Of course, this does not come by itself. Cultural and behavioral leadership plays a pivotal role in enabling us to deliver high class every single day.

Price from 60,000 DKK excl. VAT at min. 15 people.

What to expect

At our Seminar in Service & Hospitality, you will gain insights into the LEGO House vision and its role in the LEGO Eco System, how we create an engaging and unique work culture and of course how we practically ensure that all Play Agents are ready to be the best version of themselves.

The day offers a mix of strategy and implementation and there will be time to reflect on what we do in LEGO House in relation to your company.

Learn how to deliver a world-class guest experience through great service and hospitality.


"Kvik has been through the Seminar in Service & Hospitality for the leadership team in LEGO House and it was in any way a good experience. Their professional approach, high level of service and focus on our needs were an inspiration to us all. We will definitely come again."


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