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The great excursion

Whether you are a group of friends, who are going on a trip or a company that would like to treat your employees and their families with an extraordinary experience, we can help build the right solution for you.

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Visit LEGO House as a group - with family, friends or colleagues.


If you are a group of more than 20 guests, who would like to have a good and cozy day in LEGO® House, you can buy a group ticket. One of our Play Agents welcomes you at the entrance and talks about all the exciting opportunities that LEGO House offers. Afterwards you have free play in all the Experience Zones.

Depending on the size of the group we offer access from 159 DKK per person.

Groups in LEGO House.
Playful tours in LEGO House.

Playful tours

If you want to learn more about the story behind the LEGO® brick, see the architecture of the LEGO House or get a deeper insight into how to actually learn through play, we offer exclusive tours. You will of course also learn a few LEGO House hacks along the way.

It is also possible to get a tour of LEGO House outside normal opening hours.

Prices from 3,600 DKK.

Company and family days

Give your family or employees a truly unique experience in LEGO® House. In addition to the Experience Zones, you can access the LEGO Forum auditorium, where you can gather during the day, and where we for example can offer your own breakfast buffet. The LEGO Forum has a special stand that can be rolled in and out as needed, and is therefore especially suitable for inspirational presentations, lectures or performances.

Prices from 349 DKK per person.

Company and family days in LEGO House.

LM Windpower

"In LM Wind Power's staff association, we visited LEGO® House - an event where members had the opportunity to bring their immediate family. The event was a great success with over 200 participants. LEGO House staff managed our event top professionally and with a high service level. The visit in LEGO House was subsequently highly praised by the participants as a well-managed event and, moreover, a great excursion destination for all ages."

Exclusive access in LEGO House

Exclusive access for you only

Few times a year we can offer a very unique and exclusive opportunity, namely to close the house for regular guests and keep LEGO® House open ONLY for you. It is possible to choose this solution on specific days and the offer only applies to groups of more than 1,000 persons.

Exclusive access in LEGO House.

Frøs Sparekasse

"Together with almost 2,000 of our youngest customers and their parents, we had a great day in LEGO® House in connection with our children's week in 2018. LEGO House lined up with an enthusiatic staff, who took our customers around the house - with great stories, ninja tricks and lots of fun. We had a really good day in fun, exciting and educational surroundings - and with a service-minded staff of a special class who took good care of both us and our customers."


For all events you have the opportunity to make special agreements regarding food and drink during the day. We have a selection of eateries to use. In addition we can offer goodie bags for lunch, coffee and cake.


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