A safe experience in LEGO House.

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A safe experience in LEGO® House

It is important to us that it must be a safe and secure experience for both our guests and employees to visit LEGO® House - without compromising on what we do best, namely to play, explore and have fun. The play and the LEGO experience are therefore as you know them. However, there is a number of restrictions and initiatives that you, as a guest, should be aware of. Read more about these initiatives in the section below.

All guests are encouraged to buy their tickets online prior to their visit due to limited capacity. This also applies to annual pass holders.

Keep updated here on the page, where we continuously update current restrictions.

Updated January 14, 2022.

Se gældende COVID-19 restriktioner i LEGO House.

COVID-19 initiatives

1) NEGATIVE COVID-19 TEST OR PROOF OF VACCINE: It is a requirement from the Danish authorities that you as a guest (from the age of 15) must be able to present either proof of a negative COVID-19 test or proof of COVID-19 vaccine. Remember to also bring ID.

2) FACE MASK: It is mandatory for guests (children under 12 years excepted) to wear face masks in LEGO House.

3) PLENTY OF SPACE: In order for you and your family to play safely and at a good distance from other guests, we let fewer guests into LEGO House than our normal capacity. We, therefore, encourage you to buy tickets online prior to your visit.

4) KEEP A DISTANCE: We encourage safe behaviour and keeping a distance. 

5) HAND HYGIENE: We know that hand hygiene is the most important factor in terms of mitigating the spread of infection. Therefore, we are doing all that we can to ensure the best possible conditions for optimum hand hygiene in LEGO House with many hand sanitiser dispensers available in all the zones. Moreover, we are encouraging all guests to take care of themselves and to ensure they maintain good hand hygiene. 

6) CLEANING: LEGO House has its own cleaning team, which provides regular cleaning of the house both during and outside the opening hours.

Do you have any questions prior to your visit?

Below you will find answers to many questions related to your visit to LEGO House during this season. Should you have any further questions, you are always welcome to contact us at info@LEGOHouse.com.

Requirement to bring proof of COVID-19 test or vaccine

  • It is a requirement from the Danish authorities that you as a guest (from the age of 15) must be able to present either proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken in the previous 72 hours (PCR test) or 48 hours (antigen test). Proof of COVID-19 vaccine, where you have received your first vaccine injection at least 14 days prior to your visit (expires 5 months after your second vaccine for persons above 18 years). Or proof that you have previously been diagnosed with COVID-19 (positive Coronatest that is at least 14 days and at most 6 months old at the time of arrival). Remember to also bring your ID.

  • According to official requirements, the obligation to submit a negative COVID-19 test or proof of COVID-19 vaccination does not apply to:

    • Children under 15 years of age
    • People who shouldn't have a corona test for medical reasons
    • People who should not have a corona test due to a physical or mental impairment
  • You can bring both a PCR test (throat swab) and a rapid test (antigen test). It is important that you bring documentation for the test result, where the name, test time and test result are clearly stated.

  • Yes, you can already use the documentation for the first vaccination as a valid Coronapas 14 days after the first vaccination against COVID-19. For persons over the age of 18, Coronapas expires five months after the second vaccine, unless they have been revaccinated. 

  • We check the negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination and your ID at the yellow stairs by the entrance to LEGO House. It will be clear with signage where to go.

  • The negative COVID-19 test must be less than 72 hours old (PCR test) or 48 hours (rapid test) at the time of arrival.

  • If you have been tested positive for COVID-19, you must be able to present evidence of a positive COVID-19 test that is at least 14 days and at most 6 months old at the time of arrival.

General precautions

  • A visit to LEGO House should be a safe experience. We have set the best conditions, but it also requires that you as guests have good and safe behaviour:

    • Keep a good distance.
    • Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer.
    • Avoid touching your face.
    • Cough or sneeze in your sleeve - not in your hands.
    • Avoid handshakes, cheek kisses or hugs - limit physical contact.
    • Pay attention to cleaning.
    • If you are elderly or chronically ill - keep your distance and ask others to pay attention.
    • If you are sick, then please avoid visiting LEGO House.
    • Remember to wear a face mask when visiting LEGO House.
  • We encourage all guests to book their tickets prior to the visit, whether they have an annual pass or not. We tightly control how many guests there can be in LEGO House at a time to make sure you all have plenty of room for a safe visit. When you arrive at LEGO House, park in the parking building as you normally would. Once you have purchased your ticket in advance, you are guaranteed entry into LEGO House. 

    Buy your ticket here.

  • Guests with a disability arriving with an assistant must contact the Information on the day of the visit and present attendant identification. They don’t need to book online before the visit and are guaranteed access.

  • Children 0-2 years have free entrance to LEGO House and do not wear bracelets. No ticket should be booked online for children 0-2 years.

  • As a separate booking is required at both LEGOLAND and LEGO House, we have currently suspended the combi ticket. However, we expect it to be reintroduced when we return to more normal conditions.

  • Guests can dine in MINI CHEF and BRICKACCINO during their visit to LEGO House. 

    MINI CHEF has a limited capacity and it's required to book a table in advance online. 

    Remember to wear a face mask when entering the eateries of LEGO House, except when seated. 

  • If you want to shop from the Pick a Brick area, please stop by the checkout area to get a spoon that you can use to fill up your Pick a Brick cup.

    In the Minifigure Factory, the staff will help you to find the items you need to build your own Minifigure.

    Furthermore, there are currently no areas with loose LEGO bricks in the store.

    Remember, that as a guest in LEGO House you must bring proof of either a negative COVID-19 or proof of vaccine. This also applies to visitors in the LEGO Store.


  • LEGO House has its own cleaning team, which ensures regular cleaning of the house both during and outside opening hours, and every morning the house is disinfected.

  • In order to limit the risk of contamination, we encourage guests to use card payment – but if you do not have the possibility of card payment, we will of course receive cash.

  • We strongly recommend that all guests should decide for themselves whether they are healthy before deciding to enter LEGO House. We have developed a guide for good and safe behavior in LEGO House, which we expect all our guests to live up to.

  • In our ticketing system, we can check how many tickets we sell, and then we can monitor how many guests are in the Experience Zones at a time. This means that we always have full control over the number of guests in LEGO House.

Special conditions for annual pass holders

  • All annual pass holders automatically get their passes extended with 10 days due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

  • As an annual pass holder, you book a visit to LEGO House online at www.LEGOHouse.com. Once you have booked your visit on our website, simply scan your annual pass in the ticket machine when you come to LEGO House – and you will get your wristband – and you can enter the Experience Zones.  

    Please note you can book as often as you would like to, but you can only have one booking in the system at the time.

  • LEGO House tightly controls how many guests are in the Experience Zones at a time. Therefore, we only put the number of tickets on sale that we estimate there is room for. Once you have booked your ticket in advance you are guaranteed space. Always remember to cancel so you are prevented from taking up space for other guests.

  • When you book an annual pass ticket online, it is possible to buy a ticket for a friend who does not have an annual pass. Please note that this ticket must be scanned in the LEGO House ticket machine to get a wristband.

Special conditions for meetings and conferences

  • Meeting and conference facilities follow the same guidelines as the rest of the house with intensified cleaning, focus on good hand hygiene and distance between the groups to ensure a good and safe experience for the meeting participants. 

    We look forward to hold meetings and conferences in a safe and sound manner, so please contact us for more details at groups@LEGOHouse.com.