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LEGO® House Zoo

In LEGO® House Zoo, learners in 1st-3rd grade will explore the creative universe by building LEGO animals. What kind of animals can you create with only yellow and black bricks?

This is a 60-minute hands-on, minds-on activity. The LEGO House Zoo programme takes place in the Red Zone in LEGO House, and learners will work in-depth with some of the crucial creative skills.

LEGO House skoleprogram - help the LEGO animals to find their way back to zoo.

Creative competences

It almost goes without saying that LEGO® bricks are made to stimulate creativity. Everything just clicks when the human mind interacts with these oddly shaped and brightly coloured bricks.

Creative confidence: In a safe and playful environment, learners will become confident in being creative, doing experiments, and leaving safe ground to reach new potential.

Coming up with ideas and expressing them: Through black and yellow LEGO bricks, learners will use their imagination to build a variety of zoo animals. The collection of animals will show them that there are no right or wrong answers; instead you have endless opportunities when you use your imagination.

Expressing own ideas to others: Learners will practise how to express themselves in a playful way through building their own, unique animal that appeals to their personal interests, and tell their friends about it.

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