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Bring your build to life ...

In LEGO® House you can build, just like you do at home. But here, something different happens when you have finished your build. In LEGO House your build is not finished by the last brick, it’s only the beginning, as your build comes alive!

Mood Mixer

New 2022 experience

How is your mood today? Happy, sad, angry or perhaps even a little cheeky? In Mood Mixer, you can play with emotions in a fun and engaging way with LEGO bricks. You can even affect the mood of those you play with!

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Build a LEGO character

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Define the mood of your character

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Bring your build to life!

Fish Designer in LEGO House

More than just LEGO bricks

25 million LEGO bricks and endless building possibilities are just the basic elements of endless creativity in LEGO House. But it does not stop here! Because if there is one place where you can bring your LEGO builds to life, it's LEGO House. Let physical and digital play merge and give life to the LEGO bricks. Build a LEGO fish and bring it to life in a digital aquarium. You can also build a LEGO Minifigure and let it star in your own LEGO stop motion movie. Or how about bringing your LEGO cars up to speed on the wild racetracks?

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Test Driver in LEGO House

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