Join creative days in LEGO House.

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Let's celebrate creativity

Everyone is creative - both children and adults. You just have to use your imagination - what you can imagine, you can also build! From 4 September - 6 October, we celebrate creativity in ALL its forms, shapes and colours. What is your best idea?​

LEGO® House is filled with 25 million creative building materials that you can dive into. In addition, we hold a number of creative events throughout the period.

Explore your own creativity in Creative Lab.

Explore your own creativity as you build magical animals no one has ever seen before.

Listen to musical creativity.

Listen to creativity in music when Beethoven is played by a symphony orchestra – and the audience do not hear the same as you.

Meet the Danish influencer HelloRasmus in LEGO House.

Be inspired by a well-known creative when the Danish influencer HelloRasmus (Rasmus Kolbe) visits LEGO House.

LEGO Wooden Minifigure exhibition in LEGO Square.

Experience the creativity of 20 LEGO designers in the exhibition "LEGO® Wooden Minifigures".

Come and build your very own fantasy animal in Creative Lab.

Magical creatures

Are there any magical creatures that no one has ever seen before - except you? In Creative Lab, there is always a focus on creativity - and your very own whimsical imagination. From 4 September to 6 October, we build magical creatures. Build the craziest, most beautiful or cutest fantasy animal you can imagine and show it to us!

In Creative Lab our wonderful Play Agents are happy to help you get started.

Join us as we build magical creatures in Creative Lab.

Creativity in music

7 September at 4 pm

Can you enjoy music even if you do not hear like others? Beethoven could imagine the music and compose it. We celebrate creativity -  when children with hearing impairment listen to Beethoven played by the Symphony Orchestra of Southern Denmark University and Ensemble Hermes in LEGO House on Monday 7 September at 4 pm (CEST) in LEGO Square.

Listen to musical creativity in LEGO House.
Meet the Danish influencer Rasmus Kolbe aka. Lakserytteren in LEGO House.

Draw and build your own monster​

27 September at 11 am

Meet the Danish influencer Lakserytteren / HelloRasmus (aka Rasmus Kolbe) in LEGO House on Sunday 27 September.

When we celebrate creativity this month, it's both with bricks and pencils. Rasmus facilitates a drawing workshop at 11 am - 12 pm (free admission for guests, but requires registration see below). From 13 - 14 pm there is a Meet & Greet session in LEGO Square (​Free for everybody).

Please note the workshop is in Danish.

Sign up for the workshop is closed. 
There are no more available seats.

LEGO® Wooden Minifigures

20 LEGO designers have each decorated their LEGO® Wooden Minifigure in the exhibition of the same name. Experience the exhibition in LEGO Square from 3 August to 9 September.

LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure exhibition in LEGO Square.

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