New LEGO House product.

A tribute to the minifigure!

New LEGO® House Exclusive set From 1 March 

LEGO® House Exclusive – A Minifigure Tribute

This year marks the 45th anniversary since the LEGO Group launched the very first LEGO minifigure in 1978. Since then, more than 10 billion minifigures have been produced in more than 8000 variants.

You can take part in celebrating the legendary minifigure by building the iconic Captain Redbeard, this year's LEGO House Exclusive set. The finished figure, complete with a peg leg, pirate hat, and hook, is approx. 30 cm. high and consists of 1041 bricks.

This exclusive set is sold from 1 March 2023 and is only available in the LEGO store in LEGO House, Billund, Denmark.

Each year, the LEGO House Exclusive sets pay tribute to the most iconic LEGO Group stories. 'A Minifigure Tribute' is the fourth set in the series. These special sets can only be bought in the LEGO Store at LEGO House.

When purchasing the 2023 product “A Minifigure Tribute, 40504” there is a limit of two products per household. It is only possible to buy up to the limit once.

10 billion minifigures

It's hard to imagine LEGO play without the minifigure.

Who is the tiny LEGO minifigure really? The answer may surprise you because the minifig was created to be you. With the minifigure, you can magically become part of any LEGO build. You can sail the oceans like Captain Redbeard, the model you can build in this year's LEGO House Exclusive box, just to name one example. He was originally part of the 6285 “Black Seas Barracuda” box, a large pirate ship with two masts, sails, a crew, and of course a real pirate captain. Now he has become his very own LEGO set - with 1041 bricks and lots of building fun!

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