Experience the world's biggest LEGO football in LEGO House, Denmark.

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World’s biggest football made of LEGO® bricks

We're having a football fever in LEGO® House and celebrate with the world's biggest LEGO football ever built. 

As a prelude to the 2021 football event, LEGO® House employees took advantage of the corona lockdown to build the world's biggest LEGO football. No less than 173,600 2x2 LEGO bricks have been used to decorate the giant football. 

The football will be on display in the publicly accessible LEGO Square until July 11, 2021.

Facts about the world's biggest LEGO football

  • Over 4 metres tall (4.10 m)
  • It has taken employees 150 hours to complete
  • The LEGO bricks have been built into 75 modules that were then put together
  • 173,600 2x2 LEGO bricks were used to make the giant football
  • The entire structure weighs 2.5 tonnes
  • The LEGO bricks alone weigh 200 kg
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