Join us for Halloween in LEGO House 9 oct. - 1 nov.

Halloween 9 oct. - 1 nov. See more

Exhibition in LEGO House by children from all over the world

Exhibition by children from all over the world See more

LEGO House is for the entire family - Buy ticket online

Limited amount of tickets Smiley - Smile Only online Buy now

Book table for restaurant MINI CHEF and get your food served by robots

Get your food served by robots in MINI CHEF Book table

Come again all year around with an Annual Pass to LEGO House

Annual Pass Come again and again See more

LEGO House offers creative experiences for children of all ages.


This is LEGO® House

LEGO® House is the world's best play date for adults, children at heart and actual children. In just few minutes you’ll understand what the LEGO House is all about. Dive into the play experiences and endless possibilities.

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