LEGO House regler & retningslinjer

Rules and guidelines for LEGO® House

To ensure you have the best experience at LEGO® House, we have laid down a number of rules for your visit, which we kindly ask you to follow. Violation of these rules may result in expulsion and, in serious cases, may be reported to the police. We thank you for understanding and hope you enjoy your visit to LEGO House.

1. Access to LEGO House Experience Zones

  • You may access the Experience Zones within the displayed opening hours with a valid ticket or annual pass.
  • The ticket is valid all day and you are free to enter and exit the zones during your visit.
  • LEGO House may at any time change the displayed opening hours or close the House in relation to the occurrence of particular situations, including safety considerations.
  • Annual passes are personal and may not be shared with others. In case of misuse, the annual pass will be blocked out.
  • All children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

2. General

  • LEGO House is reserved for pedestrian guests. No roller skates, roller shoes, skateboards, scooters, etc. are permitted in the House. Guests with physical impairments may of course bring wheelchairs or other necessary aids.
  • Dogs are welcome in the areas around LEGO House, however, with due consideration for other guests visiting the areas. Dogs must always be on a lead and may not be left unattended. You are not allowed to take your dog or other pets onto the rooftop terraces or inside LEGO House. Guide dogs and service dogs are always welcome.
  • No items may be collected from waste bins on LEGO House’s premises.
  • It is not permitted to be visibly intoxicated or to display threatening behaviour, cause a nuisance or display other offensive behaviour.
  • Alcohol must be enjoyed in our food areas and in quantities that are not offensive to other guests.
  • We reserve the right to deny entry to guests wearing inappropriate clothing, such as swimwear or clothing with offensive symbols or messages printed on them.
  • It is not allowed to cause damage to buildings, decorations, fixtures or anything else on LEGO House premises.
  • Putting up posters and distributing brochures are not permitted on LEGO House premises.
  • Political or religious propaganda is not permitted.
  • LEGO House is a smoke-free building. Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes are only permitted in the designated outdoor smoking area.
  • It is not permitted to fly any type of drones on or over LEGO House premises.
  • Requests from LEGO House staff must always be complied with.

3. Safety

  • LEGO House is under video surveillance.
  • Photos and videos taken for personal use at LEGO House are welcome. We kindly ask you to show consideration for other guests of the House and to avoid including them in your photo and video recordings.
  • Children playing on the rooftop terraces of LEGO House must always be under adult supervision.

The following items may not be brought into LEGO House

  • All forms of illegal items under Danish law, including weapons and items that can be used as weapons, or items that could potentially endanger other guests and LEGO House staff. Illegal items will be confiscated and handed over to the police, and charges will be brought.
  • All forms of fireworks.
  • All forms of barbecue equipment, inside as well as outside on LEGO House premises.
  • Rolling means of transport, including scooters, skateboards, roller skates, roller shoes, etc., except disability means of transport.
  • Boomboxes and other music systems.
  • Drones and other remote controlled objects.
  • Sharp objects such as tools, scissors, screwdrivers and the like.
  • Knives without a clear purpose.

The following is not permitted at LEGO House

  • Threatening or violent behaviour towards other guests or staff at LEGO House. This will be reported to the police and will result in expulsion from the House.
  • Actual or attempted theft and vandalism. This will be reported to the police and will result in expulsion from the House.
  • The ignition and use of fireworks or other pyrotechnics.
  • Any use of narcotics will result in expulsion, and a police report will be filed.
  • Unless otherwise communicated, it is not allowed to dress up in such a way that other guests of LEGO House may confuse the costume with LEGO House staff or external entertainment ordered by LEGO House. It is always up to LEGO House staff to assess whether this rule is being observed or not.
  • It is not allowed to leave bags, luggage, picnic baskets and the like on LEGO House premises. Abandoned luggage will be removed.
    • LEGO House reserves the right at any time to deny entry to or expel individuals or groups who do not follow staff directions, rules, and safety instructions, including individuals or groups who by their clothing or general behaviour create discomfort to other guests or staff members.

4. Food and drinks

  • You may bring your own food and drinks to LEGO House. You may enjoy your own food and drinks in the picnic area in LEGO Square, on the rooftop terraces and in the outside squares. You may not enjoy your own food and drinks in other areas of LEGO House.