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Get ready for the world's best play date

The world's best play date is for LEGO® fans of all ages, and you are welcome with or without a ticket to LEGO House. Without a ticket to the LEGO House Experience Zones, you can explore the large LEGO Square, the nine roof terraces with creative playgrounds, the LEGO Store and the LEGO inspired eateries.

With a ticket to the Experience Zones you get access to hours of LEGO play and activities plus millions of LEGO bricks.

Buy your ticket for LEGO House online

50 DKK

Buy your ticket for LEGO House online

Buy online and get a discount

To secure your ticket, we recommend that you buy your tickets online prior to your visit. Thereby you'll also save 50 DKK per person.

Children aged 0-2 have free access to the house and therefore do not need a ticket. All children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by at least one adult when visiting the Experience Zones.

How long will the play date last?

When you buy tickets for LEGO House, you must choose an entry time. In that way we ensure a minimum of queuing up. The entry time is the time, when you enter the magical Experience Zones. 

Psst... You can still stay here as long as you like (or at least until we close!).

A visit to the Experience Zones typically lasts three to four hours. But remember to add extra time for parking, playing on the terraces, a visit to the LEGO Store as well as a fun, creative break in one of the eateries - where you even are allowed to play with the food. Before you know it a whole day has passed by.

Eat in restaurant MINI CHEF and get your food served by robots.

Remember to book your table

In LEGO House play continues even at lunchtime. In the family restaurant MINI CHEF you have to play, to get your food. Build your meal with the four LEGO bricks and get it served by the serving robots Robert and Roberta.

Dining in the MINI CHEF restaurant requires a table reservation.

Book your table here.

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