Buy an Annual Pass to LEGO House and come as often as you like
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Annual Pass for LEGO® House

Come again and again...

With an LEGO® House Annual Pass, you can come as often as you like. The price for an Annual Pass is 399 DKK, and you are already saving money from your second visit.

The Annual Pass can only be purchased by personal inquiry in the Information at LEGO House. If you want to get your ticket upgraded to an Annual Pass, you can do it all day the day your ticket is valid (your ticket of the day is refundable upon purchase of the Annual Pass).

The Annual Pass is valid one year from the date of purchase.

Please note

Annual Pass holders cannot pre-book access to LEGO® House. We always reserve a limited number of tickets specially for Annual Pass holders, but you are not guaranteed access in eg. high seasons.

Please also note that during the off season there are many "school days" (Tuesdays - Thursdays) when LEGO House is closed to the public. See the opening hours here.


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