Frequently asked questions

Find the answer to questions about tickets, parking, how to plan your visit and much more related to your visit in LEGO® House.


Tickets and opening hours

  • We recommend that you buy tickets for LEGO House Experience Zones online before you visit. You can buy tickets here.

    When you buy tickets online, you select a specific time period, and are guaranteed access to LEGO House Experience Zones during that period. When you arrive at LEGO House, your tickets are exchanged for wristbands at the check-in stations. You can enter and leave the Experience Zones as many times as you want to during your visit.

    LEGO House reserves the right to refuse entry to visitors whose tickets have expired.

  • One-day ticket price : 239 / 279 / 339 DKK.

    The price of LEGO House tickets varies, so please check the booking calendar to see the price of the day you plan to visit. 

    Children aged 0-2 years, accompanied by an adult, can play for free anywhere in LEGO House.

    Find out more about different ticket types and prices here.

    For group tickets see more here.

    For special tours and events see more here.

  • To make sure there is always enough room for everyone to enjoy the Experience Zones. If you plan to visit the Experience Zones, you have to pre-book. Ticket availability is not guaranteed at the Information desk, so your advance booking guarantees you a great start to your LEGO House Experience. You are always welcome to visit the dining areas, LEGO Square, LEGO Store and the rooftop terraces without a ticket.

  • When you book your ticket online here, you receive a confirmation email with a ticket that contains a QR code. Scan the QR code directly from your smartphone or a printed ticket at one of the check-in stations, which will then print a wristband. The wristband grants you access to the Experience Zones.

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase gift cards for LEGO House.

  • YES! In fact, please make sure you do! Tickets to LEGO House are in high demand. We recommend that you book your tickets and choose your entry time as early as possible. You can book your tickets to LEGO House Experience Zones here.

  • Children aged 3 and over must have a valid children’s ticket for entry to LEGO House Experience Zones. Children aged 0-2 do not need to purchase a ticket.

  • See the current opening hours here.

    Please note that the Experience Zones do not have the same opening hours as the rest of LEGO House.

  • Your annual pass is for personal use only and will be revoked if misused (for example, if lent to another person). You must bring your annual pass and be ready to present it when random checks are made.

    You can upgrade your day ticket to an annual pass on the day at the Information desk.

    The annual pass is valid every day LEGO House is open, for one year from the date of purchase – see the opening calendar.

    Annual pass holders must always book online at to be sure of getting access, and can only have one booking in the system at a time.

    If you prevented from coming, it is important that you cancel your visit using the link in the confirmation email.

    Read more about annual passes to LEGO House here.


  • Public parking spaces in Billund are available for everyone to use. Most have a 2-hour limit. We therefore recommend that visitors to LEGO House use the LEGO House carpark building where possible, or the parking area on Granvej.

    The carpark building is located 100 metres from LEGO House at Hovedgaden 24, and is a paid carpark. Parking is free of charge the first hour, after which the price is DKK 20 per commenced hour.

    During busy periods, you can park in our parking area at Granvej 9, which is free.

    Read more about parking here.

    Read more about disabled parking here.

  • You can charge your electric car while enjoying your visit to LEGO House. You will find three charging stations from Clever with six outlets at the LEGO House Parking Building.

  • Tourist buses can drop visitors off at Byens Plads, outside LEGO House. Buses can park at our parking area at Granvej 9.

  • You can park your bicycle in the bicycle parking areas around LEGO House.

  • There are various options for paying for parking.

    You can check in using a payment card at the machine at the entrance barrier, and will not receive a ticket if so. When you leave, check out using the same payment card at the machine at the exit barrier. If you have been parked for more than 2 hours, the fee will automatically be deducted from the payment card.

    Alternatively, you can press the button on the machine at the entrance barrier and receive a ticket. When you leave, you can pay for parking using a payment card – either at the payment machine inside the building or at the machine at the exit barrier. You can also pay for parking at the Information desk in LEGO House. After payment, you must drive out of the carpark building within 30 minutes.

  • If your vehicle is more than two metres in height, you can park at our parking area at Granvej 9. Parking here is free.

Plan your visit

  • LEGO House is located at Ole Kirks Plads 1, 7190 Billund.
    The carpark building is at Hovedgaden 24, 7190 Billund, approx. 100 metres’ walk from LEGO House.

    LEGO House has three entrances, which all lead into LEGO Square. From here you can access the Experience Zones, Information desk, LEGO Store, eateries, picnic area, locker room etc.

    More information is available here.

  • The average time spent visiting the Experience Zones in LEGO House is 3-4 hours. Also allow time for a visit to the LEGO Store, the rooftop terraces and perhaps to one of our eateries.

  • LEGO House is for LEGO fans of all ages. There are LEGO activities to inspire and spark creativity in young and old alike. All four Experience Zones have a LEGO DUPLO area for the youngest. We work hard to ensure your visit is a wonderful experience for the whole family.

    Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Children aged 13 and over may enter on their own, but are not permitted to have responsibility for other children. Only an adult over 18 years of age may accompany children under 13.

  • Groups of more than 20 people are welcome in LEGO House.

    We offer group discounts for groups of more than 20 people. If you want to know more about your options, send us an email to

    If you want to know more about meeting facilities, group opportunities and guided tours, you can also read more here.

  • Roller skates, wheeled heel shoes, scooters and skateboards are not permitted in LEGO House

  • Strollers and prams are permitted in LEGO House. However, prams may only be taken into the Experience Zones for the very youngest, due to space limitations. If little legs get tired, you can bring an umbrella stroller or borrow one from the Information desk (if available).

    You are also welcome to park your stroller near the locker room and collect it as needed.

  • We offer small and large lockers for free use.

    The small lockers can hold a cabin bag and measure 26 x 58 x 43 cm. They can be locked and opened using the wristband.

    If you have large luggage with you, you can get a key card for the large lockers from the Information desk. These are 56 x 58 x 89 cm in size and can hold two large suitcases.

  • Dogs and other pets – with the exception of guide dogs – are not allowed in LEGO House.

  • LEGO House is a smoke-free building. This includes e-cigarettes. Outside LEGO House by the blue stairs, there is a smoking area where smoking is allowed. Ask for directions at the Information desk.

When you arrive at LEGO House

  • You can see on your ticket when you can start your visit to the Experience Zones in LEGO House. Note that before this time, you need to park your car, pick up your wristband at one of the check-in stations and put your jackets and bags in a locker. We therefore recommend that you arrive approx. 15-30 minutes before your visit starts.

  • When you arrive at LEGO House, scan the QR code on the ticket at one of our check-in stations, which then prints your wristband. You are then ready to begin enjoying the many experiences in LEGO House.

  • We recommend that you use our lockers to store bags and jackets before you begin exploring the Experience Zones. The wristband for the Experience Zones serves as a key to the lockers. The locker room is in the LEGO® Square area.

    If you need to collect something from the lockers, you can freely go in and out of the Experience Zones.

  • You are free to go in and out of the Experience Zones during your visit. Simply scan your wristband at the exit, and again at the entrance.

Dining at LEGO House

  • LEGO House has two eateries. Café BRICKACCINO, which offers eat-in or take-away, and the MINI CHEF restaurant, which offers an alternative dining experience for playful visitors. We recommend that you book a table before you visit LEGO House, to be sure to get seats.

    See an overview of dining options here.

    Book your table at MINI CHEF here.

  • All of the restaurants and the MINI CHEF menu card have a detailed list of allergens. We also recommend that you speak with staff for additional information before ordering.

  • If you speak to the staff at MINI CHEF, the menus can be adjusted to accommodate allergy sufferers.

    See the MINI CHEF menu here.

  • LEGO Square has a lovely picnic area where you can eat your own food. You may not enjoy your own food and drinks in other areas of LEGO House. Also note the many rooftop terraces and outdoor areas, where you can picnic with a view.

  • You don’t need a ticket to visit MINI CHEF. The restaurant is publicly available from LEGO Square. Please remember to book your table in advance here


  • Disabled persons who depend on the aid of a personal assistant need only purchase a single ticket for admission to LEGO House. Please go to the reception desk to obtain a free ticket and bracelet for the personal assistant – evidence of the need for a personal assistant may be required. LEGO House is designed for full wheelchair access throughout the building, including three elevators – one of which runs to the highest terraces. Use the outdoor elevator to access the top of Keystone. Please contact one of our guides if you need any help.

    Read more under the special needs section.

  • If you have an invisible disability or if you accompany someone with an invisible disability, you can be given a lanyard when you visit LEGO House. The sunflower lanyard is handed out at the Information in LEGO Square. The sunflower lanyard is a discreet signal to employees that extra time, understanding, patience or help may be needed during the visit.

Additional information

  • Lost items are handled by the Information desk in LEGO House and handed in there.

    If you have left something behind during your visit, you can contact the Information desk or write to

    We block and shred credit cards the same day we find them. We hand in valuables to the Southeast Jutland Police in Billund at the first opportunity.

    We store other lost items for 30 days and then donate them to Blue Cross Denmark.

  • You can sign up for our newsletter here. If you no longer want to receive our newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of the most recent newsletter.

Payment and ATMs

  • In LEGO House, we only accept cash payments in Danish kroner.

    We accept the following payment cards: VISA, MAESTRO, Mastercard, Dankort and JCB.

  • Across the street from LEGO House, you will find several banks, where you can withdraw cash from an ATM.

The LEGO House memories

  • Your images and videos from your visit can be downloaded here:

  • You need two out of three codes to download your content. The codes can be found on either your ticket, your wristband or your Six Bricks Factory plastic card. The codes are starting with either C, W or T. For security reasons, you need to combine two of the codes. 

  • Yes, you can easily download all pictures bought on the same ticket. You need two out of the three codes provided. These can be found on either your ticket, your wristband or your Six Brick card. You need to enter the individual code from each guest.

  • Your photo memories will be available for 29 days, including the day of visit, so it is important to download your photo memories in time.