Oplevelser i LEGO House - Red Zone

Unleash your creativity in Red Zone

Experiences in LEGO House - Yellow Zone

Build yourself happy in Yellow Zone

Oplevelser i LEGO House - Green Zone

Create your own stories in Green Zone

Oplevelser i LEGO House - Blue Zone

Speed up the game in Blue Zone

Experiences in LEGO® House

LEGO® House offers creative experiences for LEGO fans of all ages. There are experiences for all tastes and millions of LEGO bricks just waiting for you and your family.

The Experience Zones

Whether you love to build with LEGO bricks, play with LEGO® DUPLO®, want to see your creations swim around in the digital aquarium or drive cars and train on wild lanes, the colored Experience Zones are where our guests spend the most time when in LEGO House.

Explore experiences inside LEGO House - Home of the Brick.
LEGO House - Red Zone - Experiences

Red Zone

Imagine a giant waterfall of LEGO bricks. An ocean of colors. What would you build? In the Red Zone, creativity hooks up with play and imagination. Create a unique masterpiece with the endless amounts of LEGO bricks.

LEGO House - Yellow Zone - Experiences

Yellow Zone

Can a fish have arms? Or wheels? In the Yellow Zone, you’re the boss. Build a LEGO sea animal and let it loose in the aquarium. Or build a LEGO flower and plant it in the meadow. You can also design a clumsy insect, and let it dance through the jungle.

LEGO House - Green Zone - Experiences

Green Zone

Do you want to be the hero in your own movie? Then drop by the Green Zone and shoot this year’s blockbuster. You can also explore our LEGO worlds and discover hidden stories. Or how about building your own unique LEGO minifigure and splashing it across a magazine cover? 

LEGO House - Blue Zone - Experiences

Blue Zone

Power up your beekeeper robot and make sure the bees have the best conditions for making honey. Or build your own race car and race against your family - which car is the fastest? You can also play a city architect for a day and manage an entire interactive metropolis.

New experience in LEGO House

Robo Lab version 2.0
While the house has been closed, we've been busy bees building a new mission in Robo Lab. From now on, you will no longer have to free LEGO minifigures frozen in the ice in Robo Lab. Now you're going to be a beekeeper and make sure that the bees have the very best conditions for making honey. Power up your beekeeper robot, drill a hole and plant a seed and see how much honey you can collect before the game is over! Let's see if we can collaborate to create a more sustainable world - filled with bees, flowers and lots of honey.

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Experience one of the wildest LEGO masterpieces in the world - the Tree of Creativity.

Tree of Creativity

One of the world's most iconic LEGO models stands in the middle of LEGO House. It's more than 15 meters tall and built of 6,316,611 LEGO bricks. Tree of Creativity towers several floors, and from distance it looks like a real tree. But try to go very close to see all the quirky details and situations that play out around the tree.

Masterpiece Gallery

Masterpiece Gallery is a tribute to all LEGO fans. It is a tribute to creativity and human imagination and to playful children and adults with unstoppable creativity. The exhibition is made by adult LEGO fans, who have created unique and original LEGO artworks.

Experience the wildest LEGO masterpieces build by adult fans of LEGO.
History Collection - The official LEGO museum

History Collection

The official LEGO Museum

Explore the history of how a small carpentry workshop in Billund became one of the world's largest toy brands. With hundreds of the most iconic LEGO sets, and a digital vault, you may be able to find your first LEGO set in between and bring old memories to life again.

Visit the LEGO House terraces and playgrounds and explore the architecture.

The roof terraces

On the terraces on top of LEGO House, there are nine creative playgrounds for children of all ages. For example you can play in the sunken submarine or try the spectacular camel swing imported directly from the desert. Each playground offers a unique play experience and there is plenty of room to let out steam.

LEGO House terraces and playgrounds

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