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Inclusive play in LEGO® House

We believe play gives everyone the skills they need to achieve their potential and shape a bright future, which is why we strive to make LEGO®  House equally accessible to all and deliver an inclusive guest experience.

To help you prepare for a great experience, we’ve gathered comprehensive information on this page.

Navigate the relevant sections below or watch our video guide to prepare for your visit. You can also download this PDF for detailed information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of support to plan your visit or any kind of feedback.

Phone: +45 8282 0400

Download PDF guide here.

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Practical information for everyone

  • On Byens Plads, just outside LEGO House, there are two public disabled parking spaces and a drop-off area for buses. The spaces have no time limit and may be used if a disability parking card is clearly displayed in the windscreen. If at all possible, we encourage you to use these parking spaces for drop-off only, to make sure others with the same need can benefit from them.

    Disabled parking is also available in the nearby parking building at Hovedgaden 24, 7190 Billund. There are three disabled parking spaces on P Decks 1 and 2. These are located closest to the exit, with easy access to a lift. Please note that the maximum vehicle height is 2 meters.

    If your vehicle is more than 2 meters in height, you can park at our parking area at Granvej 9.

  • We encourage you to buy your LEGO House tickets online prior to your visit. When buying your tickets, you must enter your names to be used on the wristband. Please note that you can use any name you want.

    When you arrive at LEGO House, you have to scan the QR code on your ticket at one of the check-in stations. When you scan the ticket, you will receive a wristband, which gives you access to the Experiences Zones.

    However, this is not the only purpose of the wristband. Your wristband can also be used to bring your LEGO builds to life digitally and capture memories at the selfie stations. After your visit, you have 29 days to download your memories from your visit. Read more here

  • Assistants to people living with a disability with a valid helper-ID will be granted free admission to LEGO House. Hence, it is not necessary to book a ticket for the assistant through our ticket system.

    All you have to do is present the valid helper ID at the Information desk once you have arrived.

  • We know that for some of our guests, it can be less of an enjoyable experience if there is too much queuing. We can never fully guarantee the number of guests we have in the house, however, there will always be some experiences where guests are not queuing and areas that feel less busy.

    On weekdays outside Danish school holidays, there are normally fewer guests and less queuing in the house. To identify these days, look for days in our opening calendar, where the house is open from 10.00 to 16.00 CET.

    If you are planning your visit only a few days ahead, you can also get an indication of how busy the house is, by looking at the colours in the booking calendar in the ticket system here. Days marked in red are sold out. Days marked in yellow are days where we are almost sold out, and where you can expect a higher volume of guests. Therefore, look for the blue days if you want to visit on a less busy day. However, be aware that tickets may be sold out a few days prior to your visit as well, so this is no guarantee.

  • LEGO House features 4 indoor floors and nine accessible terraces, which can all be accessed by lift. However, the terrace at the very top of LEGO House must be accessed via a special lift. Please ask our staff at the Information desk for more information.

    Our lifts offer both braille and voice speaker.

  • Throughout LEGO House, you will find a number of centrally located resting spots (benches and chairs).

    All corridors leading from the Experience Zones to the terraces are equipped with a comfortable resting bench to give you the option to take a small break in a quieter space. In these quiet areas, you will also find noise-cancelling headphones for your convenience.

  • Gender split as well as gender neutral and accessible restrooms are located on all floors of LEGO House. If in doubt about where to find them, please ask our staff for a quick guide to the nearest restroom.

    In addition, on the ground floor you will also find a changing place, our fully accessible restroom with hoist, changing benches and shower facilities. If you prefer to have this facility available to you at a certain time during your visit, please reach out to our Information desk by phone (+45 8282 0400) or email ( prior to your visit, to make a reservation. Be aware that you need a key to access the changing space, so regardless of whether you have booked it in advance or not, you should contact the Information desk.

  • In the basement of LEGO House, you will find the History Collection – the official LEGO museum. As part of this experience, you can also explore a multisensory timeline that brings key moments of the LEGO Group history to life through digital and engaging content.

    It features an engaging audio introduction and dynamic digital content, supported by sign language and braille to increase accessibility and provide all visitors with a playful and immersive journey through the remarkable history.

    To ensure a tactile connection to the LEGO Group past, tangible objects are placed along a physical timeline, allowing visitors to touch iconic creations such as the Wooden Duck, the Yellow Castle and the minifigure.

  • Service dogs that accompany their owners are permitted into all guest areas, including the restaurants. Please be aware that we only allow dogs when there is clear documentation that the dog is trained as a Service Dog and when it wears a vest or similar that clearly indicates that it is a dog at work.

  • If you want to extend your visit to LEGO House, there are several accommodation options in and around Billund. We’ve collected some of the opportunities here for you to plan your stay.

For guests living with a physical disability

  • All indoor and outdoor areas have level access with smooth and solid surfacing. All three entrances to LEGO House have a designated entrance next to the revolving doors for wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility.

    LEGO House has a limited number of wheelchairs available which can be borrowed free of charge. To borrow a wheelchair, simply contact the Information desk when you arrive. We have wheelchairs for both children and adults.

  • LEGO House collaborates with – a Danish organization working to help venues increase the accessibility for people living with a disability. You can find the assessment of LEGO House here.

For guests living with sensory sensitivity

  • At the Information desk, you can get a sunflower lanyard. You can choose to wear the sunflower lanyard during your visit if you want to signal to our staff members that you may need extra time, understanding, patience or help during your visit.

    As part of the sunflower lanyard programme, our staff are trained in understanding how they can best ensure that you enjoy the experience, just like everyone else. This is of course voluntary, but the cool thing is that you get to keep the lanyard afterwards.

  • LEGO House is a KultureCity® certified venue. KultureCity is a US-based organization, collaborating with venues to help them become more sensory inclusive. Besides training the LEGO House staff members and sharing sensory inclusive knowledge, we have KultureCity Sensory Bags available to borrow for your convenience.

    The bag includes noise-cancelling headphones, strobe glasses that reduce visual information, marble fidgets and a mood card. If you would like to borrow a KultureCity Sensory Bag during your visit, please contact the Information desk.

    Read more about KultureCity here.


LEGO House is KultureCity Sensory Inclusive certified. KultureCity is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing accessibility for individuals with heightened sensitivity and other special needs. As a part of the certification, the employees at LEGO House have undergone training and we provide loanable bags, which function as small support kits that visitors can take with them around the House. 

Read more here

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