Combine your visit to LEGO House with a stay at one of the city's hotels

Accommodation in and around Billund

If you want to extend your visit in LEGO® House, there are many accommodation options in and around Billund. Find the solution that suits you and your family best.

Accommodation package

LEGO House and Hotel LEGOLAND from only 2,958 DKK for two adults and two children.

Take your LEGO play to new heights among 25 million LEGO bricks and build masterpieces in LEGO House. At night, you can dream about your fun LEGO experiences in a LEGO themed room at Hotel LEGOLAND®.

  • Incl. 1-day tickets for LEGO House
  • Incl. 1-day tickets for LEGOLAND
  • Incl. 1 night at Hotel LEGOLAND, LEGOLAND Castle Hotel or LEGOLAND Holiday Village
  • Breakfast at the hotel

Valid from 2 June - 4 November 2023. Some weekends may be sold out. Reservations are made for sold-out days

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LEGO House and Hotel LEGOLAND accommodation package

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