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Energy for more play

When the stomachs are rumbling and it is time to get something to eat, you can either visit one of the eateries in LEGO House, or enjoy your own food and drinks in our cozy indoor picnic area. Take a break from the ultimate LEGO experience and get refueled.

Control report

Please notice that restaurant MINI CHEF requires table reservation. So remember to book your table before your visit to ensure that the play continues, even at lunchtime. 

LEGO House eateries - Eat in the café BRICKACCINO


In the café BRICKACCINO you can buy freshly prepared snacks, desserts, sandwiches and hot and cold drinks. So whether it is the small or big hunger that comes along, kids of all ages can always be refueled. Find a table in the cozy café or bring your food as takeaway.

LEGO House eateries - Visit restaurant MINI CHEF


In restaurant MINI CHEF you have to play to get your food. Build your meal with the four LEGO bricks and scan the order at your table for the minifigure chefs in the kitchen to prepare your meal. Pick up your food from the unscrupulous serving robots Robert and Roberta, who occasionally have a screw or two loose but always manage the orders.

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LEGO House eateries - Visit the robots in restaurant MINI CHEF.

The organic food brand

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (Fødevarestyrelsen) has registered LEGO House to use the bronze Organic Cuisine Label with the percentage range 30-60 %. That's because we know it's important to have healthy, nutritious food if you want to keep playing all day.

The organic food brand

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