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LEGO® Store

The opening hours for the LEGO Store follows the rest of the house. See more here.

The ultimate LEGO® Store is located at LEGO Square in the middle of LEGO House. The store is packed with all the latest LEGO sets, news, exciting and unique products and LEGO experiences that are found nowhere else. It is an experience in itself to visit the store when you are at the world's best play date.

NB! Due to COVID-19 there are a few restrictions in the LEGO Store you as a guest might be aware of:

  • When visiting LEGO House and the LEGO Store you must bring proof of a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccine. 
  • Remember to wear a face mask in the LEGO Store. This does not apply to the Experience Zones and the restaurants in LEGO House. 
  • If you want to shop from the Pick a Brick area, please stop by the checkout area to get a spoon that you can use to fill up your Pick a Brick cup.
  • In the Minifigure Factory, the staff will help you to find the items you need to build your own Minifigure.
  • Furthermore, there are currently no areas with loose LEGO bricks in the store.

Read more about current COVID-19 restrictions here.

Exclusive LEGO House products

On the shelves, you'll find limited edition products that can only be bought in LEGO House. You'll find LEGO versions of the LEGO House architecture set, the LEGO House dinosaurs and not least one of the most iconic elements in the LEGO History "The Wooden Duck". The newest product in the series "The LEGO House Limited Editions" is "The Brick Moulding Machine", which represents an era in the history of the LEGO Group going from producing toys in wood into plastic.

Exclusive LEGO® House products

Unique LEGO retail experiences

Busyness in the LEGO Store

Many people choose to visit the store at the end of the day between 2.00 and 5.00 pm. If you want to avoid queues, you can stop by the store and make your LEGO purchases before you visit the rest of the LEGO House or just around lunch. We are happy to store your boxes until you leave the house. This is specifically relevant for our retail experiences Minifigure Factory and Mosaic Maker.

All tricks apply when it comes to getting extra time for play…

Avoind queues - Explore the graph to see when there are most guests in the LEGO Store.

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