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LEGO® Store

The ultimate LEGO® Store is located at LEGO Square in the middle of LEGO House. The store is packed with all the latest LEGO sets, news, exciting and unique products and LEGO experiences that are found nowhere else. It is an experience in itself to visit the store when you are at the world's best play date.

Psst... visiting the LEGO Store does not require a ticket to LEGO House.

Opening hours: 9.30 am - 5.30 pm

NB! LEGO House including the LEGO Store is closed due to COVID-19, and will reopen on June 22nd.

Due to COVID-19, no loose bricks are sold in the store - which is why “Pick-a-Brick" and “Build a Minifigure” is temporarily unavailable. Read more about the precautions we have taken in the LEGO Store and the entire LEGO House here.

Try Mosaic Maker in LEGO Store and get your own unique LEGO portrait.

Your own unique LEGO® portrait

With Mosaic Maker LEGO® fans will have the opportunity to buy their own personal LEGO mosaic portrait. The machine takes a picture of you and in less than 10 minutes it prepares your personal instruction and the LEGO bricks you need for building it. This option is only available in 10 LEGO stores around the world, so it's a very special experience.

Note: It's a good idea to drop by the store and book a timeslot for the Mosaic Maker even before you visit the Experience Zones.

LEGO House LEGO Store - Try the Mosaic Maker.

Busyness in the LEGO® Store

Many people choose to visit the store at the end of the day, which is why there are often many people in the store between 2.00 and 4.00 pm. If you want to avoid queues, you can stop by the store and make your LEGO® purchases just around lunch or before you visit the rest of the LEGO House.

All tricks apply when it comes to getting extra time for play…

Visit the LEGO House LEGO Store - see how to avoid queing.

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