LEGO Inside Tour
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LEGO® Inside Tour

The ultimate 3-day LEGO® fan experience

LEGO® House, 'Home of the Brick' takes you on three unforgettable days that let you experience the LEGO Group from the inside and give you access to several places that are normally inaccessible. See LEGO bricks of all shapes and colours being produced on an exclusive guided tour through the Billund factory and visit the home of Ole Kirk Kristiansen, our founder, where it all started. Enjoy a build session with LEGO designers in an evening event and immerse yourself in our internal unique museum on a guided tour. Go shopping at the LEGO employees’ internal store with discounted prices. And when it’s time to say goodbye, we will treat you with a unique LEGO set exclusively created for the lucky few who have joined the LEGO Inside Tour.

Duration: 3 full days

Sign-up: The sign-up for the LEGO Inside Tour 2023 is closed. The sign-up period was from December 6-9, 2022.

Follow this page for more information and registration for the LEGO Inside Tour 2024.

Didn't find what you were looking for? We are happy to help you build the right experience for you, regardless of whether you are a family, group of friends or a company that wants a very special experience in LEGO House. Read more about the options and find contact information here.

LEGO Inside Tour- Inside the LEGO Idea House

What can you expect?

Three days you will never forget

The story of the LEGO brick began in Billund, so of course this is where LEGO House welcomes you on the LEGO adventure of a lifetime. Starting from the fantastic building that we call 'Home of the Brick', the LEGO Inside Tour gives you the ultimate, immersive tour of LEGO culture and history. Three action-packed days filled with LEGO magic and play from sunup to sundown. An unforgettable, guided fan experience through our headquarter, history, production, design process and of course LEGO House, will allow you to literally step into the ultimate LEGO experience.

  • No LEGO Inside Tour would be complete without a visit to our founder’s home. Take in the atmosphere of Ole Kirk Kristiansen’s house, in the rooms where toy history was made 90 years ago. You even get to experience the exceptional collection of LEGO sets and models dating all the way back to the early days of the company in our secret museum.
  • See LEGO bricks of all shapes and colours being produced as we show you around on a guided tour of our factory.
  • Get loads of inspiration and learn new techniques as you enjoy a unique building experience together with our LEGO designers, while they introduce you to their work and let you in on how play is an integrated part of working at the LEGO Group.
  • All of this will certainly spark your own desire to be creative, which is why the LEGO Inside Tour naturally includes a visit to the LEGO employee store.
  • Wrap it all up with an exclusive Playful Tour in the LEGO House with plenty of time for play and immersion in the many possibilities of the house.
  • As something completely unique, we have prepared a special gift for each guest: an exclusive LEGO set specially produced for the LEGO Inside Tour participants - a lasting memory of your visit with us.
LEGO Inside Tour i LEGO House

Terms and conditions

  • The tour includes three overnight stays from Tuesday through Friday at Hotel LEGOLAND® including breakfast on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. All meals, beverages, and snacks are included while visiting us.
  • The LEGO Inside Tour also includes a full-year free pass to both the LEGO House and season pass to LEGOLAND.
  • All communication on the LEGO Inside Tour will be in English as the tour has participants from all over the world.
  • You must be at least 12 years old to participate. Guests between 12 and 17 years old must be accompanied by an adult participant.
  • We reserve the right to distribute slots for the LEGO Inside Tour but will consider your preferences for dates.
  • Travel costs to and from Billund and additional overnight stays are not included.
  • Participants are responsible for travel arrangements that are not part of the LEGO Inside Tour – please find more information below.
History Collection i LEGO House

How to sign up

Use this page to sign up. We will provide a link that directs you to an online sign-up form. Sign up must take place within a limited period as defined on the form. We will only consider sign up forms from an adult (18 years old or more) that are complete with all relevant information in English. Signing up for LEGO Inside Tour does not automatically register you for a tour, as the demand is high, and therefore unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate all registrations.

If you would like to take part in the tour together with family members or others, you must sign up together. You can include up to five people on the sign-up form. If you are signing up on behalf of someone else, complete the form with the information of the person who wants to sign-up. You may replace their email address and telephone number with your own if you want the communication to go through you.


Participants are responsible for arranging travel to and from Hotel LEGOLAND, Billund. Billund has an international airport ( and Hotel LEGOLAND is only a few minutes away by car. There is easy access to taxis from the airport. You can also take public transport from Copenhagen and create a travel plan via the Danish Railway:

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