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LEGO® House Whistleblower Line

LEGO® House wants everyone to feel secure in expressing themselves freely and in raising any concerns, including if they experience unlawful or unethical behavior.

The Whistleblower Line provides a safe and anonymous platform to report concerns of unlawful or unethical business conduct related to LEGO House.

The Whistleblower Line is solely intended for reporting serious circumstances or suspicion thereof. This includes violations of laws, regulations, internal policies and guidelines or ethical standards.

All employees in LEGO House, as well as external persons, may submit a report regarding a concern related to LEGO House as part of his/her engagement or work-related activities.

The Whistleblower Line includes an electronic reporting system. Reports are made electronically, and it is possible to submit a report both in writing and orally via the system.

Access the portal

Access the LEGO House whistleblower reporting portal for further information about the Whistleblower Line, including which topics to report and who can make a report. In the reporting system, you also find information on anonymity, IT security and how to submit a report and follow the progress.

Access the portal here