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The ultimate LEGO® experience

LEGO® House is the ultimate LEGO experience. It's a place to go LEGO crazy and set your imagination free. Build your own creations and see them come alive. Race with your friend or family and see which LEGO vehicle is the fastest. And eat in one of the imaginative restaurants as your stomach begins to rumble.

Explore the endless possibilities within the Home of the Brick.

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Build your own LEGO vehicle in Test Driver.

Experiences in LEGO House

LEGO House is for LEGO fans of all ages - adults, children at heart and actual children. And that's why there are experiences for everyone.

See everything you can experience at LEGO House here.

Try out your craziest ideas in Creative Lab.
LEGO inspired restaurant - build your food with LEGO bricks.

Rumbling stomachs?

Good, nutritious food is important if you have to play all day. Take a break from the ultimate LEGO experience and get refueled at one of our eateries.

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Visit LEGO Store

The ultimate LEGO Store is located at LEGO Square in the middle of LEGO House. Stop by the store and find unique products that are only available here.

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Your digital wristband - Explore your memories from LEGO House.

Find your saved memories

In LEGO House, physical and digital play blend together as you scan your magic wristband. Bring the LEGO bricks to life and collect memories from your day.

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Play Agents

When you visit LEGO House, keep an eye on those in blue polos - they are our Play Agents. A Play Agent is a true play expert and their most important task is to ensure that you get a world-class play experience when visiting LEGO House. They are always ready to help you get started with the play. 

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Explore the top of LEGO House at the keystone.

Curious for more?

LEGO House is more than just LEGO bricks. It's architecture, philosophy, awards and more. Get to know what LEGO House is, right here.

LEGO House - architecture by Bjarke Ingels.

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