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Your creative break

Remember to play and be creative - also at home

Children play and have fun. They experiment, challenge, test boundaries, make mistakes and try again. They learn. Research shows that play is one of the best ways to develop the brain and acquire the necessary life skills such as collaboration, creativity and problem solving. Maybe you need a little extra inspiration in these weeks, so we have prepared a number of creative breaks for your family to explore.

Six LEGO Bricks - and you are ready
The activities are simple and if you have six 2x4 LEGO DUPLO bricks or LEGO System bricks in different colours you can get started. We will continuously collect the activities at this site for you to dive into. 

Share your creativity on social media with #LEGOHouseatHome so we can all enjoy - and inspire - each other. Then we play together separately.

Play well!

Tricky Tower

Now it's time to release your inner architect...

See how tall a tower you can build using the short side of 2x4 LEGO bricks and stack them on top of each other. Challenge yourself by trying to use the other hand or maybe even using only one finger each. Or see how tall you can build if you can only touch the LEGO bricks with clothes pegs, or if you have to build the tower with your eyes closed.

Only the imagination limits how challenging the play can be.

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Build together with our Head Designer Mike and try out the Test Driver activity at home.

@ Home

Build, test and experiment

Test Driver is an activity in the Blue Zone of LEGO House, where guests are encouraged to create a unique LEGO vehicle and test it on one of the challenging tracks.

In this 30 minute long video our Head of Experience Development, Mike, provides a "step by step guide" on how to bring Test Driver at home. So, go find your LEGO Bricks, because now we're going to build, test and play with LEGO cars.

Can you remember?

3... 2... 1... REMEMBER!
And then build.

With just a handful of LEGO bricks there are an endless amount of different ways they can be put together, so the next play requires a really good memory!

Find a play mate and see if you can remember each other's shapes and build the same figure without looking. Challenge each other by limiting how long you can see the figure before hiding it.

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Inspiration for hours of creative and playful LEGO activities for the whole family.


Tic tac toe, LEGO bingo or board game race. Or how about coding your own LEGO musical? With these 50 ideas for playful and fun LEGO activities, you and your family will not be bored for the next couple of hours.

Build and guess: an animal

Challenge your creativity, imagination and storytelling.

Build the animal you are thinking of and see if your family can guess what it is. Each family member gets one guess, then you describe your animal yourself:

  • Does the animal have a name?
  • What sound does your animal say?
  • How does your animal move?

Let the building task move on so that everyone builds their own animal.

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Let's build together

We may be staying indoors, but there is one thing our awesome colleagues around the LEGO Group are doing to help us and our families (and pets!) through it… BUILDING!

Join us and share your creations with #LetsBuildTogether and #LEGOHouseatHome

Click here for even more fun and playful LEGO activities.

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Stay tuned for even more fun LEGO activities...

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