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LEGO House @ Home

Your creative break

Inspiration for LEGO play at home

When children and adults of all ages play in LEGO® House, it's primarily to have fun and explore the endless possibilities with the LEGO bricks. But did you know that the house is divided into different colour zones that challenge you and your children's skills while playing?

We love to see your creative skills unfolding in LEGO House, but we also hope that you remember to keep playing at home. That is why we have prepared a number of creative breaks that you can explore at home.

Play well!

Build together with our Head Designer Mike and try out the Test Driver activity at home.

Build, Test

Test Driver @ Home

Test Driver is an activity in the Blue Zone of LEGO House, where guests are encouraged to create a unique LEGO vehicle and test it on one of the challenging tracks.

In this 30 minute long video our Head of Experience Development, Mike, provides a "step by step guide" on how to bring Test Driver at home. So, go find your LEGO Bricks, because now we're going to build, test and play with LEGO cars.

Fish Designer @ Home

Joy, anger, happiness, fear or disgust ... fish can have many emotions. But what feeling does your fish have?

You may know the Fish Designer activity in LEGO House, where you build colourful fish and bring them to life among other fish in the digital aquarium. Would you like to be inspired to build your own LEGO fish and create a little story around it? Then join this building activity, where our Head of Experience Development, Mike, shows you how to.

Watch Video

Set and

Story Lab @ Home

Take a seat in the instructor chair, because now you have to direct your very own LEGO stop motion movie. In this video you are invited to join Mike and his son Benjamin, as they show you how to bring the Story Lab activity at home. So get ready to shoot this year's blockbuster.

LEGO Life Magazine

If you want even more tips and tricks for LEGO play and entertainment at home, register your children for the LEGO Life Magazine. If they are between 5 and 9 years old, they can get the physical magazine sent for free.