15 of the world's most talented LEGO® builders exhibit in LEGO House

950,000 adult LEGO® fans worldwide go by the name AFOLs - Adult fans of LEGO. Now LEGO House invites 15 of the most talented to exhibit in the Masterpiece Gallery in Billund.

15 artists from Asia, Europe and North America have made their way to Billund, where their LEGO creations are being built and exhibited in LEGO House. The entire top floor - the so-called Masterpiece Gallery - is dedicated to just this bunch of talented builders, because their creations push for the perception of what to build from LEGO bricks. A typewriter, a coral reef and an armor are just a few of the examples.

Senior Designer at LEGO House, Stuart Harris has been at the forefront of the selection of models: “Creativity takes place at all levels, whether you are a child or an adult. What is so special about the adult fans is that they take the LEGO design to a whole new level and that they stay creative. They build things that even we as professional LEGO designers are deeply impressed with. Personally, I'm really a fan of reusing bricks in new and surprising ways. One of our exhibitors uses e.g. droid arms to create organic coral reefs. It’s really impressive."

The 15 LEGO exhibitors even transport their sometimes fragile models to Billund, and help install them in the exhibition stands so that they stand exactly as intended at home at the desk.

Managing Director in LEGO House, Jesper Vilstrup, says that working with adult fans is an important source of inspiration: “In LEGO House, we are sat in the world to support creative power and imagination and by showing these truly impressive models, we inspire both children and adults to go home and find their LEGO bricks and build again. And preferably in a large scale. With this exhibition we show that you can build everything out of LEGO bricks, if you add a lot of imagination. And perseverance."

600 fans for opening day

Thursday, September 26, 600 LEGO fans will come to LEGO House, and here the new exhibition in the Masterpiece Gallery will really stand its test. Stuart Harris says:
“Both the exhibitors and our staff are excited when the 600 fans arrive. Here, the new models are put on the final test when evaluated by other skilled builders. But when you look at this year's models, no one should be nervous as the level is incredibly high ”.


Eero Okkonen, Finland
Marion Weintraut, Germany
Matthew Goldberg, USA
Milan Sekiz, Serbia
Paul Hetherington, Canada
Ryan van Duzor, USA
Simon Hundsbichler, Austria
Stephen Gofers, Netherlands
Sven Franic, Croatia
Jason Allemann & Kristal Dubois, Canada
Timofey Tkachev, Russia
Caroline Mockett, United Kingdom
ZiO Chao, Taiwan
Hsinwei Chi, Taiwan

The exhibition in the Masterpiece Gallery is available to the public from September 27, 2019.