LEGO® House Exclusive #5 is here: LEGO® Building Systems

This year's LEGO House Exclusive honors the LEGO System in Play and a rich history of iconic builds.

  • The fifth LEGO House Exclusive LEGO set celebrates three LEGO building systems – LEGO System, LEGO Technic, and LEGO DUPLO – with iconic builds from each system.
  • The set is exclusively available in the on-site store at LEGO House, Home of the Brick in Billund, Denmark.

1st March 2024, LEGO® House in Billund: Today, LEGO House launches its 5th LEGO Exclusive set, and this year is a tribute to LEGO play, especially focusing on the three System in Play platforms: LEGO® System, LEGO® Technic and LEGO® DUPLO®. Three individual systems that together tell the story of the brand. This year's exclusive set encompasses three milestone moments – one for each system, featuring Town Plan No. 1 from 1955, the DUPLO train sets from the 1980s, and the Technic product, 853 Car Chassis from 1977.

“LEGO House is Home of the Brick, and the only one of its kind in the world. We’re excited to provide our guests with a totally unique keepsake upon their visit. Since the opening of LEGO House in 2017, we have launched a series of exclusive special LEGO sets, each one celebrating iconic moments, milestones, and products from LEGO’s rich history, only available at our in-house LEGO Store – and they have proven to be a huge success. The latest addition, LEGO Building Systems, marks our fifth set, and we are really excited to unveil it to fans and guests,” says Kathrine Kirk Muff, Managing Director, LEGO House.

Honors the innovative LEGO System in Play

The first System in Play product, Town Plan No.1, launched in 1955 and immediately established the LEGO System in Play Idea as the cornerstone of the LEGO brand. The innovative System in Play concept originated from the second-generation owner, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, who aspired to ‘create toys that prepare a child for life – appealing to its imagination and developing the creative urge and joy of creation that are the driving forces in every human being’.

LEGO House Master Builder, Stuart Harris, has been the design lead on LEGO House Exclusives since the opening in 2017:

“This year’s brief was ‘focus on the three core LEGO building systems’. With that in mind, I visited the History Collection in LEGO House and mentally noted the sets that caught my eye. The models we celebrate in a LEGO House Exclusive needs to be significant milestones in LEGO history, so after discussing my favourites with our in-house historians, I go hands-on in the workshop and start building,” says Stuart and continues:

"LEGO Town Plan was always a favourite of mine, so including it in this year's exclusive set was a no-brainer. I had more options for which Technic and DUPLO models to feature, but I ended up choosing the classic car chassis and the DUPLO train. All three models are LEGO fan favourites and are an integral part of the activities at LEGO House."

Minute versions of iconic LEGO models

This year’s new Exclusive Set draws inspiration from the updated History Collection at LEGO House – Town Plan No. 1, a classic Car Chassis, and a vibrant DUPLO Train.

While the Car Chassis pistons don't function as in the original build, all other details are faithfully recreated. Town Plan No. 1, is among the earliest LEGO sets and holds cult status among fans. It symbolizes the essence of LEGO play, fostering identification, storytelling, and imagination, marking historic starting point for many a senior LEGO enthusiast. The DUPLO Train, inspired by 1980s sets, triggers equally nostalgic memories.

The three main models are displayed in front of a grey wall, mirroring the display wall in the LEGO House History Collection. Behind this wall lies an exciting timeline of nano-scale models of iconic milestones in LEGO history, including The Wooden Duck, DUPLO set 511 that comprised both DUPLO and LEGO System bricks, Technic Space Shuttle set 8480, Bionicle Tahu set 40581 and many others.

In total, there are 19 nano-builds to discover, with an additional empty space for you to fill with your own LEGO build of personal significance. Because after all, LEGO play is about crafting your own memories through creativity and imagination.

The latest LEGO House Exclusive set, LEGO® Building Systems set 40505, is exclusively available from the 1st of March at the LEGO Store in LEGO House, Billund, Denmark.

Facts about LEGO House Exclusive #5 LEGO® Systems (40505):

  • The three mini-scale models in this set each represent a classic model originally built with one of the three core building systems.
  • The Town Plan from 1955 was one of the very first LEGO System in Play products.
  • The mini-scale DUPLO Train is a mix of sets 2700 and 2705 from the 1980’s.
  • The Technic mini-scale model is based on set 853, the flagship of the very first LEGO. Technic range. The model had a functioning steering system and moving pistons in the motor.
  • Behind the wall are nano-builds of milestone LEGO models.
  • The set includes 19 nano-builds plus room to fill in with your own LEGO favourite.
  • Ideal for fans of LEGO building and collectors of toy memorabilia.
  • LEGO® Building Systems set 40505 measures approximately 38 cm in width.
  • Suitable for ages 10 and above.
  • Price: 699 DKK.
  • This set is exclusively available in the LEGO House retail store with a purchase limit of three sets per household.
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LEGO® House Exclusive Product 2024

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LEGO® town plan

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LEGO® Technic car chassis

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