New exhibition in LEGO House

Celebrating LEGO® brick photography

At LEGO® House, we are kicking off our 2023 season with a celebration of a visually striking part of the LEGO fan community. Guests visiting us between January 28 and March 19 can expect to be awed by passionate LEGO photographers and their imaginative art on LEGO Square.

At LEGO House, we love to be in close contact with the many LEGO fan communities around the world. What we experience from the many different and highly dedicated groups fuels our continuous development, and we are deeply grateful for the wealth of input we get.

One of the most visible communities is the LEGO Brick photographers. They excel at photographing their LEGO creations and Minifigures in beautiful dioramas that blur the line between fantasy and reality.

To salute this particular community, we took inspiration from ‘In Focus’, the brick photography book released in 2022, and invited a handful of avid LEGO photo fans from ‘Stuck in Plastic’ and ‘BrickCentral’ to exhibit their playful art at our LEGO Square – the ‘open to all’ space at the heart of LEGO House.

The resulting exhibition – our largest special fan exhibition to date – showcases some of their amazing shots and behind-the-scenes dioramas, demonstrating how the intriguing images came to life.

“The relationship we have with wonderful LEGO photographers from communities all over the world is dear to us, and we are very excited to present the works of Anna Bitanga from BrickCentral and Boris Vanrillaer from Stuck In Plastic here at LEGO House. In tune with our brand values, we have made sure that the exhibit is playful, inspiring, and interactive to inspire our guests to be playful and creative and make their own LEGO brick photography art,” says Kathrine Kirk Muff, LEGO House CEO.

The exhibition design aims to let guests be encouraged to go out and capture their own images of fun and imaginative encounters between the LEGO universe and reality. And it's easy because you only need a handful of LEGO bricks, a few minifigures, a smartphone, and your imagination!

At the opening of the exhibition on January 28, Boris Vanrillaer will give a mini-workshop on LEGO Square sharing tips and tricks on how to create your own intriguing brick photos. He will also sign copies of “In Focus’ together with other brick photographers for those joining the event.

If you want to share your own brick photo creations, you can do so by using #LEGOHouseBrickPhoto on your favourite social media platform.

Brick Photo Fan Exhibition
January 28 to March 19, 2023
LEGO House
Ole Kirks Plads 1
Billund, Denmark

Visit the Instagram accounts Stuck In Plastic & BrickCentral
See more about the opening event of the Brick Photo Fan Exhibition here.

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