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UPOs over NYC and at LEGO® House

  • On Wednesday 22 May eight Unidentified Playing Objects (UPOs) were sighted over NYC, USA - but have no fear - they were on a mission to spread the joy of play and creativity.
  • The UPSs are imagined by eight kids from around the world and recreated as LEGO® models by LEGO® House Master Builder Dídac Pérez Soriano.
  • The event is part of ‘Explore Space Your Way’ the current popular exhibition at LEGO® Square, where all eight UPOs are now on display.

May 23, 2024, LEGO® House in Billund: One day your very own LEGO creation flies over the NYC skyline together with seven other magnificent and imaginative builds in a show-stopping drone display - the next day your creation is part of an exhibit in LEGO House, the ultimate LEGO experience in the hometown of LEGO, Billund, Denmark. This is exactly what has happened for Sebastian from Herning, Denmark, and seven other kids from around the world.

The LEGO Group has encouraged young LEGO fans all over the world to draw a UPO, an Unidentified Playing Object, that could take them to space. Among the many out-of-this-world creative drawings submitted, a jury chose eight contributors whose drawings were turned into real LEGO models by LEGO House Master Builder Dídac.

UPOs over NYC

The UPO challenge peaked this week as all eight UPOs were illuminating the NYC skyline last night (Wednesday, May 22) in a spectacular drone display which was seen by thousands of New Yorkers. The purpose of the event was to inspire the builders of tomorrow and to demonstrate the importance of imagination and play as a way to learn more about our world. The concept of Learning through Play has been at the core of LEGO House’s mission since opening in 2017 and an aim for all activities in the house – activities that the house chose to share with New Yorkers and the world for a single, inspiring night.

Sebastian from Herning in Denmark is 11 years old and a dedicated LEGO fan who loves both building with LEGO bricks and meeting friends online in the LEGO Fortnite universe. Sebastian was inspired for his UPO by following the first Danish astronaut, Andreas Mogensen, who spent 6 months in space as commander of the International Space Station.

His spacecraft is shaped like a straw hat with reindeer antlers as wings and inside it's equipped with a high-tech computer lab, gaming room and a place to eat and sleep. Sebastians UPO has a big powerful rocket attached that will allow him to zoom around to other planets to discover aliens he can befriend.

My super-fast UPO will fly me to undiscovered planets where I want to build a new city for me and my alien pals. Together with my new friends, we would roam the planets to find cool stones and minerals that I could bring back to Earth to show off to my classmates,” says Sebastian about his UPO.

It was a true a privilege for LEGO House Master Builder Dídac Pérez Soriano to be the one to re-interpret the eight kids’ ideas as real-life, physical LEGO models:

“What a celebration of children's imaginative and playful approach to space exploration this has been. I am absolutely blown away by how play can spark new ideas and facilitate valuable learning about our world and the universe. At LEGO House we have a profound belief in the value of learning through play, and it has been an absolute joy to build the eight UPOs as real LEGO models and to reimagine the most wonderfully creative ideas. Kids boundless creativity never sese to impress me! Yesterday these models were illuminating the NYC night in a drone show – and today they are on display at LEGO Square,” says Dídac, LEGO House Master Builder.

All eight UPO models are now part of the highly popular ‘Explore Space Your Way’ exhibition at LEGO House.

"Explore Space Your Way" Exhibition

Visitors can deep dive into space at the current exhibit at LEGO House and learn more about the infinite depths space through creative exhibits crafted entirely from LEGO bricks. These exhibits are a result of a collaboration between LEGO House and DTU, the Technical University of Denmark. Here, you can immerse yourself in innovative mosaics explaining science questions and embark on a journey through the cosmos, all while experiencing the magic of LEGO craftsmanship and scientific exploration.

Once you've explored the wonders of the "Explore Space Your Way" exhibition, the Space adventure continues in the LEGO House Experience Zones and Creative Lab. Here, you can embark on the exciting task of building your own spacecraft. With plenty of bricks at your disposal, all that's needed is your boundless imagination and creativity.

Facts about the UPO event at LEGO House:

  • The UPO event is a collaboration between The LEGO Group and LEGO House, Home of the Brick.
  • Kids from all over the world have submitted drawings of their idea of a UPO (Unidentified Playing Object) that will take them into space.
  • Eight submissions have been recreated as LEGO models by LEGO House Master Builder Dídac Pérez Soriano and are on display at LEGO House until 17 June 2024
  • 22 MAY: All eight UPOs illuminated the NYC skyline in an impressive drone show.
  • Images and b-roll of the 22 MAY NYC event are available HERE

Facts about ‘Explore Space Your Way’ at LEGO House:

  • The Space themed experiences in LEGO House can be explored from 23 April to 17 June 2024
  • The ‘Explore Space Your Way’ exhibition is placed at LEGO Square, the free-access area within LEGO House.
  • The creation of ‘Explore Space Your Way’ involved a collaboration with DTU, the Technical University of Denmark, for the creation of four mosaics with fascinating facts on space exploration.
  • The space theme is present in several parts of the LEGO House Experience Zones – for example in Story Lab, Tree of Creativity, World Explorer, and Creative Lab. The latter offering LEGO enthusiasts, friends, and families the opportunity to construct their own spacecrafts.
  • For opening hours and ticket reservations, please visit: https://LEGOhouse.com/en-gb/plan-your-visit/

Draft interview with Sebastian Mikkelsen, 10 years old, Herning, Denmark
Sebastian is one of the eight lucky kids whose UPOs were re-imagined by LEGO House Master Builder, Dídac.

Sebastian's UPO is now on display at LEGO House in Billund and was among the eight UPOs illuminating the NYC skyline last night (Wednesday, May 22) in a spectacular drone display seen by thousands of New Yorkers.

participated in a draft interview with LEGO House. The interview can be used in parts or as a whole for editorial purposes. Editors are permitted to edit the interview for brevity but must ensure that the original meaning of the answers is preserved.

LEGO House: Describe how you felt when you found out that your submission was selected for the LEGO Drone Show?

I was so happy when I found out that I was going to be a LEGO Space Ambassador. I couldn’t stop jumping up and down and dancing, and I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face!

I feel very proud to be selected and I can’t wait to see my spacecraft in the drone show, and in New York! LEGO Bricks are my favourite toy to play with, so this is like a dream come true.

LEGO House: Can you describe your spaceship?

The spaceship is shaped like a straw hat with reindeer antlers as wings. You enter the spaceship by walking through the door (in the straw hat). At the bottom there is a huge rocket engine (it is extremely powerful).

I would like to go to space in a straw hat, because it would be a fun experience. The spaceship is full of surprises and will contain a high-tech computer lab, a place to sleep and eat – and a gaming room. My spaceship is very fast and durable.

LEGO House: Do you want to travel to space in the future? If so, why?

I would love to travel in space in the future, it would be so cool to be the next Danish astronaut.

LEGO House: What would you love to do in space if you could travel there?

I would love to be the next Danish astronaut! I really want to explore some of the planets in our solar system, especially Jupiter and Mars. I would bring things like stones, gases, and minerals (from the planets) back home to earth to show my classmates. Maybe we can use them to develop new things that can help us on earth. It could be new forms of energy and better electricity.

I also want to find new planets and life and travel to other solar systems. It would be so fun to meet aliens.

I really want to build a new city in space on one of the planets that haven’t been discovered yet. I think it could be really cool for aliens to have a new place to live.

LEGO House: What do you think is out there in space?

I know that there are 8 planets in our solar system as I have a poster with the planets in my room. I think that there are so many other planets that haven’t been discovered yet too, and I’d like to travel to them all.

I definitely think aliens are out there and think it would be so fun to meet and talk to them, but they probably talk in a different language to me.

LEGO House: What do you think it would be like living on another planet?

I think it would be hard to live on another planet because we don’t have the same resources as we do on earth. It would be much harder to build things in space too and I can’t breathe like I can on Earth, unless I had a space suit of course.

I would also really miss my friends and family if I was living on another planet, but hopefully once I build my city, I can bring them over.

LEGO House: What would you do in space if you could go there?

The first thing I would do would be to try and befriend aliens.

LEGO House: Do you build/play with LEGO? If so, what do you like about building with LEGO?

My favourite toy is LEGO bricks and I have lots of sets displayed in my room. I got my first LEGO Duplo set when I was about two years old and ever since then I have been using my pocket money to buy even more LEGO sets.

I begged my parents to have a season pass LEGOLAND in Billund. I absolutely love the rides – especially The Dragon and the Ninjago ride.

LEGO House: What are 3 things you like to do for fun?

I like to be creative with LEGO sets. I also like to play different video games (like Fortnite / LEGO Fortnite and Roblox). I also play the drums and practice break dancing and karate.