Space in LEGO House

Explore Space Your Way at LEGO® House

  • From the 23 April to the 17 June, LEGO® House will feature space-themed activations throughout the house, providing an opportunity to delve deeper into the cosmos while constructing their own imaginative spacecrafts.
  • ‘Explore Space Your Way’ a collaborative exhibition with the Technical University of Denmark at LEGO Square, where all guests can marvel at the wonders of the universe.
  • The Space theme seamlessly aligns with LEGO House's purpose of sharing Learning through Play, allowing visitors to unleash their creativity through endless possibilities.

23 April 2024, LEGO® House in Billund: Sitting at the centre of the LEGO universe in Billund, Denmark, is LEGO House – the ultimate destination for celebrating everything beyond our world. From the 23 April, LEGO House will be filled with all things fact and fun related to the universe and space exploration - perfect for any aspiring space-enthusiast.

“Our new Exploring Space exhibition is the perfect mix of imagination, creativity, and science. It’s got wow-factor and will ignite your dreams and imagination – precisely what we strive for here at LEGO House. Exploration and Learning through Play is deeply rooted in our DNA, and we can’t wait to witness children and their families enrich their understanding of space whilst playing. We’ve got 25 million LEGO bricks to play with – all you need to bring are your wildest and most imaginative ideas." says Kathrine Kirk Muff, Managing Director, LEGO House.

Creative UPOs unveiled at LEGO Square

In collaboration with the LEGO Group, LEGO House invited children from a number of countries to design UPOs (Unidentified Playing Objects). A selection of these UPOs has been transformed by LEGO House's own Master Builder into larger LEGO builds. These captivating creations will be showcased in the space exhibition, titled "Explore Space Your Way," at LEGO Square, the freely accessible area within LEGO House, where visitors of all ages are invited to immerse themselves in these imaginative builds.

At the "Explore Space Your Way" exhibition, visitors can also learn more facts about the infinite depths space through wildly creative exhibits crafted entirely from LEGO bricks. These exhibits are a result of a collaboration between LEGO House and DTU, the Technical University of Denmark. Here, you can immerse yourself in these innovative mosaics explaining science questions such as ‘why do I need a rocket to get into space’, ‘what does a satellite do’, ‘what did Andreas Mogensen, the first Danish astronaut, do in space’ and much more. Embark on a journey through the cosmos, all while experiencing the magic of LEGO craftsmanship and scientific exploration.

More space exploration
Once you've explored the wonders of the "Explore Space Your Way" exhibition, the Space adventure continues in the LEGO House Experience Zones and Creative Lab. Here, you can embark on the exciting task of building your own spacecraft. With plenty of bricks at your disposal, all that's needed is your boundless imagination and creativity.

You can also step into the Story Lab and recreate your own vision of space. Alternatively, journey through the imaginative realms of space as you discover various space-themed scenes at the iconic Tree of Creativity and World Explorer.

Facts about ‘Explore Space Your Way’ at LEGO House:

  • The Space themed experiences in LEGO House can be explored from 23 April to 17 June 2024
  • The ‘Explore Space Your Way’ exhibition is placed at LEGO Square, the free-access area within LEGO House
  • The creation of ‘Explore Space Your Way’ involved a collaboration with DTU, the Technical University of Denmark, for the creation of four mosaics with fascinating facts on space exploration.
  • The space theme is present in several parts of the LEGO House Experience Zones – for example in Story Lab, Tree of Creativity, World Explorer, and Creative Lab. The latter offering LEGO enthusiasts, friends, and families the opportunity to construct their own spacecrafts.
  • For opening hours and ticket reservations, please visit: