Prices and booking

Do you want to book one of our school lessons? Then you are on the right page. Please note - it is not possible to visit LEGO House and get a school discount, without a booking prior to your visit.

The school program is sold out until and including June 2023. We open for booking for the Autumn of 2023 on 15 June at 10.00 am CET, where a link to the booking page can be found below. 

Please note that the offer is only valid for Danish schools.

If you have further questions, please contact us at or +45 82 82 04 00.

LEGO House school program - Admission price

Admission price

The price for a school lesson in LEGO House is 3,000 DKK incl. Danish VAT per class (max 30 students and 3 teachers).

The reason why we can offer this low admission price is that The LEGO Foundation covers a large part of the expenses.
The LEGO Foundation aims to build a future where Learning through Play empowers children by helping them become creative, engaged, life-long learners – this is exactly what we are aiming for in LEGO House.

Payment is made by invoice sent to the school before the visit. Remember to fill in the EAN or CVR number as well as the e-mail address of the school. 

Free bus transportation

If you choose domestic transport to LEGO House during the booking process, you will subsequently receive a link from VIKINGBUS. The link can be found in the confirmation email you receive immediately after a completed booking. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of a refund, when using other bus companies, if you arrange transport or use public transport.

If you have specific questions about transport, you can contact us at

Transport for school classes to LEGO House.

Practical info before booking

The number of students and teachers

A school visit to LEGO House includes one school class of a maximum of 30 students and three teachers. If more teachers are joining, these will be invoiced as a full paying adult, cf. current admission prices. At least one teacher must be present, other teachers can be replaced by e.g. parents.

A school booking includes the entire class, regardless of size (max. 30). Unfortunately, it is not possible to merge several grades into one booking due to the considerations of different levels and our facilitators.

Before booking

Please note that we request several information when booking your visit. To avoid any issues, please collect these before making your booking; your school EAN or CVR number, your school’s e-mail address, and all the participants' names. Then we can prepare your wristband prior to your visit.

Classes with special needs

To give you the best learning experience, we offer you a unique experience that is tailored to your class. For the sake of our preparation, please indicate as a comment in the booking that you are a class with special needs, and please also include what considerations you need us to take on the day.

And please notice, that it is not possible to combine several grades.

Please also note that the school offer is only valid for students whose age and/or cognitive abilities correspond to 1st - 6th grade.

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