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Build the Change in LEGO® House

A brand-new experience at the Home of the Brick

Unleash your creativity, dream BIG, and design playful solutions to the real-world challenges our planet is facing, in the new Build the Change experience in LEGO® House. Your fun and creative builds will not only inspire a brighter future – you will also become a real Change Maker. Get ready for a day full of fun and Build the Change.

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Build the Change - Build the transportation of the future

What is Build the Change?

The new LEGO House experience is based on the LEGO Group’s Build the Change programme. A global non-profit programme that has existed since 2007, has engaged millions of children and given them a creative space to build inspiring solutions to the real-world challenges that our planet is facing - all with a playful approach. In LEGO House we now invite you to join us on that journey and share your creative ideas for a better future.

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Build the Change - The digital laboratorie

Want to become a Change Maker?


Get your personal brief
on a challenge that needs your solution.


Build your creative idea
– maybe a futuristic plane that is eco-friendly, protects animals and spreads happiness wherever it flies.


Present your idea
to the minifigure and unleash it into the digital laboratory to inspire others.

Get the inside scoop on Build the Change

27 January – 4 March

New LEGO House experiences don’t appear by magic. It takes a lot of hard-working minifigures, humans and a great deal of testing involving guests. Are you curious about what it requires? Stop by the ‘Behind the scenes of Build the Change’ exhibition in LEGO Square and get a unique inside scoop on our journey to developing the new experience.

LEGO Square is accessible to everyone with or without tickets to the Experience Zones.


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