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Fish Designer

In Fish Designer, you will be building your own fish out of LEGO® bricks and releasing it into the digital fish tank inhabited by octopuses, sharks and the like.

In Fish Designer, learners in 1st-3rd grade will participate in a 60-minute hands-on, minds-on activity. The Fish Designer programme is a part of the Yellow Zone in LEGO House, where the aim is for learners to work in-depth with some of the crucial emotional skills.

Fish Designer - LEGO House schoo program

Emotional competences

Understanding, expressing and regulating our emotions help us build confidence and make reasoned choices in life. Luckily, playing is a great way to practice these skills.

Understanding, managing and expressing emotions: In a dramatic narrative where home-built fish swim in the oceanic aquarium, learners experience and reflect on what happens when, for example, the fish gets scared.

Introduction to basic human feelings: Though the scenarios happening in the fish tank, learners are introduced to basic human feelings: being scared, being angry, being sad and being happy.


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