LEGO House for schools - build fish

Fish Designer

Focus: The emotional competence
Grades: 1st - 3rd grade
Length: 75 minutes

This lesson takes place in the Yellow Zone, where the focus is on the emotional competence.

In Fish Designer, students must individually build a fish, then release it into the digital aquarium. Based on events in the aquarium, we will ask the students to relate to the fish's behavior, emotional expressions and conceptualize them.

Fish Designer - LEGO House schoo program

Emotional competences

Understanding, expressing and regulating our emotions help us build confidence and make reasoned choices in life. Luckily, playing is a great way to practice these skills.

Understanding, managing and expressing emotions: In a dramatic narrative where home-built fish swim in the oceanic aquarium, learners experience and reflect on what happens when, for example, the fish gets scared.

Introduction to basic human feelings: Though the scenarios happening in the fish tank, learners are introduced to basic human feelings: being scared, being angry, being sad and being happy.


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