Robo Lab is an activity for students from 4th to 6th grade.

Robo Lab

Focus: The cognitive competence
Grades: 3rd - 6th grade
Length: 75 minutes

This lesson takes place in the Blue Zone, where the cognitive competence is in focus.

During this lesson, students will program a beekeeper robot to plant as many flowers as possible to create a sustainable garden for the bees. Students are introduced to the principles of programming, as well as choices and consequences for our biodiversity according to World Goals 15.

Launch your beekeeper robot and program it to plant as many flowers as possible, and create a sustainable world for the bees.

The cognitive competencies

We use our logical sense and cognitive competency to understand the world around us. Thanks to these competencies, we are capable of solving complex issues, remembering things and learn new skills.

Problem-solving: Students will be introduced to the principles in programming a robot by a simple pull-and-let go coding surface. With help from a gameplay design, students will be able to develop cognitive skills through problem solving, repetition loop and understanding of causation.

Sustainability understanding: Understanding causations builds on a bee theme. This delivers a strong underlying sustainability message and the importance of protecting and encouraging bio-diversity.

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