Six Brick patruljen hjælper med LEGO lege til klasseværelset.

Play Time & Six Brick Patrol

When you visit LEGO® House as a school class, you will have the opportunity to explore the house on your own, we call it Play Time. During Play Time you will also meet the Six Brick Patrol. Twice a day the Six Brick Patrol will facilitate activities that support the focus of each Experience Zone and Learning through Play principles.

Learning through play with LEGO bricks.

Six Brick Patruljen

The Six Brick activities are a hands-on tools for learning. Through fun and short activities with LEGO® DUPLO® bricks in six different colors, students can practice their memory, movement, creativity, and more. You can customize activities and of course, create your own activities to match the children's skills and interests. The activities are independent of time and place and can therefore quickly be implemented in the classroom, playground, or other places where creativity unfolds.

Free play time with the school class in LEGO House.

Play Time

In between lessons, it is possible to explore LEGO House on your own. Here, students can explore the Experience Zones, or visit the outdoor playgrounds. During Play Time is't also possible to visit History Collection, where you will find fun and interesting artefacts as well as stories, that can illuminate the history behind the LEGO Group.

Explore LEGO House with your school class.

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