Test Drive

Test Driver

Focus: The cognitive competence
Grades: 1st - 3rd grade
Length: 75 minutes

This lesson takes place in the Blue Zone, where the cognitive competence is in focus.

In Test Driver, students must work together in pairs to build a car. During the construction phase, students will try out and test ideas and then adjust the car to cope with the specific missions. In this lesson, the process is more important than the result itself.

LEGO House school program - Build your own LEGO vehicle in Test Driver

Cognitive competences

Every minute of every day, we use logic and our cognitive competences to understand the world around us. They help us solve complex problems, find solutions, remember stuff and learn new things.

Problem-solving: The activity provides defined and achievable challenges, and learners are still welcome to identify other problems to solve.

Iteration and examination: Learners have multiple iterations and must make changes to their designs. They test different solutions and ideas, analyse and draw conclusions based on their findings.

Ground principles for motion: Learners will become familiar with the forces that affect the motion of an object, such as gravity, potential energy, weight, wheel diameter and friction.

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