LEGO House - the ultimate LEGO experience

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The ultimate LEGO® experience

Enjoy an unforgettable experience at LEGO® House – Home of the Brick. Get playing with 25 million LEGO bricks, and be inspired to build and play with LEGO bricks in new and creative ways. Experience some of the world’s largest LEGO models as you move through the four Experience Zones that welcome you to a world of LEGO play. Here you can, among other things, build fish and watch them come to life in the digital aquarium, race your friends with your LEGO car and let your creativity flow in the 5.66 metre LEGO waterfall. Let the little ones explore the LEGO DUPLO bricks or learn about LEGO history and bring old memories to life. LEGO House offers memorable experiences for LEGO fans of all ages.

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LEGO House - Red Zone - Experiences

Red Zone

Let your creativity run wild in the cascading LEGO waterfall flowing with LEGO bricks to suit everyone. Red Zone takes you to new levels of play and imagination with endless amounts of LEGO bricks for your unique masterpieces.

LEGO House - Yellow Zone - Experiences

Yellow Zone

Build your very own LEGO character and own it on the digital dance floor. Release your fish in the aquarium and watch it swim in the blue water. Or build a flower for the budding flower meadow.

LEGO House - Green Zone - Experiences

Green Zone

Build your own unique minifigure and let it star in your very own stop-motion LEGO film. Or explore the world of minifigures, and discover hidden stories and references that bring joy.

LEGO House - Blue Zone - Experiences

Blue Zone

Program your beekeeper robot to help the bees make honey. Or build your own LEGO car and test it on the race tracks. You can also role play as an urban architect and manage the interactive metropolis.

LEGO House in the heart of Billund, DK

Have you ever wondered where the LEGO magic began? The simple dream of giving children an opportunity to unfold their creativity started in Billund, Denmark – just a few hundred metres from LEGO House. In LEGO House you can build on that dream and explore the LEGO universe.


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