Halloween brick fun at LEGO® House

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Autumn in LEGO® House

Join us for a season of play and spectacular fun in LEGO® House

Are you ready to embark on a playful and unforgettable adventure? Join us in LEGO® House this autumn season and dive into a world of colourful bricks, jaw-dropping creations, and endless building fun. Secure your tickets for the autumn holiday and build memories that will last a lifetime!

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Halloween fun with kids in LEGO House


Step into the Haunted House of the Bricks if you dare! Go on an adventure, find lost ghosts, and explore a LEGO® House filled with creativity and fun.

Amazing photo moments

Unleash your imagination and come dressed in your most creative costume. Whether you are a tiny trick-or-treater or a playful adult, guests with tickets for the Experience Zones will receive a surprise gift. 

Amazing photo moments
LEGO monsters in Creative Lab

Build LEGO monsters in Creative Lab

Unleash your inner monster builder in Creative Lab! 

LEGO ghost in World Explorer

Halloween theme in World Explorer

Embark on a thrilling journey as the World Explorer transforms for Halloween. Experience spooky and hair-raising situations as you explore Halloween-ified environments. 

Halloween dressed up kid in LEGO House

Dress up and get a surprise gift

Whether you’re a tiny trick-or-treater or a grown-up with a playful spirit, unleash your imagination and arrive in your most creative costume. Only for guests with tickets for the Experience Zones.

Story Lab

Create your own spooky stop-motion movie

Construct scary, silly, slimy, or screaming LEGO creatures by choosing your favourite bricks and let your monstrous creation take over the world.

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